Sunday, September 10, 2006

more on the stars
by about 10 o'clock tomorrow i'll learn whether or not i'm going to bid for the lomo lc-a. currently it stands at 30USD with shipping at 50USD. i guess i'm trying not to go above 100USD (that's 10USD overbudget). i'll have another shot at an older (but more vintage looking one in about 24 hours time, the shipping on that one is 22USD but it's at 51USD currently. so yeah.. let's see what happens. i managed to find a hipshot bag for 10USD with shipping of 10USD as well, so hopefully i'll get it for less than 35USD, if not i might as well get it straight from the shop with the tunnel vision lens (75USD)and colorsplash flash (35USD).

so the breakdown is:
lc-a : 100USD
bag : <35USD
colorsplash : 35USD
total : 170USD
tunnelvision lens : 75USD
total : 170USD/245USD

not too shabby considering that the lomo package with all accesories that i want is 275USD. might grab the tunnel vision first since it comes with a free camera.. hehe.

oh well, now you know what i've been scouring online for.. ebay is so therapeutic!!! buying other peoples' crap!!!

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