Sunday, September 3, 2006

slow down, idiot slow down
why the terminator series is just so cool.

the T101 has just tossed its fuel cell out of the moving pickup and it explodes sending a massive shockwave past them.

T101 (To John Conner): Relax, when the fuel cell is ruptured, it becomes unstable.

Kate Brewster (Locked in the trunk): Let me out of here!!!

T101: R.E.L.A.X

the T101 is explaining to John Conner how he killed him in the future

T101: my particular model was selected for the mission of infiltration because of John Conner's emotional attachment to me in his boyhood days.

John: wait, what do you mean?

T101: I killed you.


oh how i wished my life could be that well scripted -)
well, i've just been running around doing things that my head hurts from all the multi-tasking. thinking about this whilst doing that. it's a nice thing to feel like what you're doing has a purpose and that people appreciate it, but it really is empty if that's all you're doing it for.

and well.. jade's finally gone off, it really is strange to see a friend leave for a different season. haha, perhaps this is how you my friends felt when i left for perth. but oh.. in the space when all of us were transiting as to jade's leaving, it really just made me think about this season that's ending soon for me in perth. i feel so disconnected from singapore in the sense that, i just haven't been keeping in touch with a whole lot of it that i don't know if it's going to be as awesome as it is here.

but y'know what? my faith isn't in singapore, it's in a God who i know will do many great things regardless of where we are, just as long as we let him, and that makes me so excited -)

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