Tuesday, September 12, 2006

are the pretty ones the bitchy ones?
hmmmm.. an interesting thought. probably half true and half false.

anyhow, i might have become fully disgusted with myself. i bought the lomo, but not the second hand ones on ebay, it was just distressing to find a camera that would cost less than USD120, so i did the next best thing. i recalculated all the expenses and arrived at a conclusion considering the fact that it would be difficult to find 2nd hand lomo accessories (the hipshot bag being my only experience), i based my calculations that i would be getting all my accessories from the lomo shop.

Basic Lomo Package: (200USD)
2 Rolls of film
Book (20USD)
Hipshot Bag (35USD)

LC-A Upgrade: (165USD)
Tunnel Vision Lens (75USD)
Fisheye Adaptor (75USD)
Colorsplash Flash (35USD)
L-Case (40USD)
300 Photo Clips (25USD)

Based on the figures of grouping all the individual items together because i was originally thinking of getting each accessory seperately, the total cost of buying accessories would have amounted to a value of

220USD for the Tunnel Vision, Fisheye, Colorsplash and Hipshot. If i were to buy the camera individually.. a brand new one might go for 145USD (200-35-20) does, i would already have spent a total of 365USD.

However, by combining these two packages together, i have arrived at the same 365USD and included the extra book, L-Case and Photo Clips. i also save on shipping because they're not charging for anything 200USD and above. so instead of spending 365USD over X no. of years, i get everything brand spanking new at a shot plus with some extras as well.

i compared this against buying the standard package first (200USD and free shipping) and then getting the LC-A upgrade (165 + 45 shipping) or actually buying the deluxe LC-A package with everything except the photo clips (350USD), but if i were to add the photo clips in seperately, they would have cost me an additional 25USD (wtf?) and lets not forget if i decide to buy those clips seperately, then i would have to pay for shipping again.

i know i'm saying a lot just to justify this purchase, but it is a significant amount of money, but i think i've found one of the best options for what could easily be a 2 year endeavor and more. thus, if anyone is thinking of the lomo route, i've done some decent calculations to aid in your purchase as well.

considering that i can hardly get a camera off ebay for less than 120USD minus shipping. (15 to 46 USD) using these figures i got my camera for about.. 60USD with no shipping. that's a pretty sweet deal if you asked me!

so it was a blessing in disguise to get thwarted time after time on ebay!

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