Monday, September 18, 2006

what happened to all the things you wanted to see?

when do the wonders ever cease? when will we just find some place of peace?

more simple goodness for t-shirts. i like t-shirts far and above anything, they're really like walking pieces of visual stimulation. you don't need electricity to run them, you can grafitise any public area with them without defacing any property. does that mean it loses its impact? maybe not, it's just a lot more subtle, and insidious.

the t-shirt has a certain form, sleeves, collars, the space in the front, back and even the sides. it's a unique canvas that is both 2 and 3 dimensional all at once. sometimes people break the form by tearing or 'deconstructing' the fabric. the fabric is a talking point too, comfort, style, statement, affodability all rolled into one unique often cotton fabric.

the only thing you can wear into a public place, piss everybody off but they cannot remove you if you have every right to be there, and just let whatever's displayed on your mobile installation scream out to the rest of the world, or let them just pass you by.

at least you did something about it. it's not so nice here anymore.

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