Thursday, September 21, 2006

peddling the doodle series

we can respond to this one-upmanship of paper by trying to similarly fold a computer screen with old-fashioned brute force. this would be an unfortunate mistake, preventing us from sensing the real material inside the computer - the program - that is continually folding, collapsing, growing, and evolving at unimaginable speeds.
- john maeda, maeda and media

using current computer technology, we can manipulate objects up to a 2 1/2 dimensional space. it's interesting, because we can fold a piece of paper in half thus manipulating it in 3 dimensions. a computer generated 3-d model, is not exactly 3 dimensional. for starters, it does not exist in a 3 dimensional space. i don't know if we'll forever be bound by that, afterall, it is only by our sense of depth that we accept there are 3 dimensions, or are able to percieve 3 dimensions. actually, our eyes are rather interesting organs. they don't percieve depth like the way a camera lens does. everything is in focus.. you don't see any depth of field or anything, but our eyes draw our attention to things. and for some reason, our brain is able to compute the relative depth between me and whatever my eyes have focused on. it really is astounding how our bodies react to the space around us.

anyway, now owning 3 analong cameras and having lost my digital camera.. i finally decided that if i'm going to make this blog a little more.. graphical.. i'll just work on 250 x 188 canvases.. and just manipulate whatever comes to mind within that pixel space. i guess it gives me something to do and sees whether i can actually manipulate photoshop. good practice too, because right now.. i think it's terrible.

i also downloaded the get democracy internet tv player. basically it's a video player than acts like a feedreeder as well. so you can subscribe to channels and have your player download everytime a new episode of whatever comes out. it's not downloading drama series's and all that, it's mainly a free, open source platform for independents to share their work, and have some sort of an alternative to public broadcasting and cable. much like this 'citizen journalism' thing with blogging, but i hate that term. anyway, some good stuff comes out on it.. and it is a refreshing change to consume other forms of media.

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