Saturday, September 9, 2006

if there was a city on a hill
i won't hide it, how could i hide it? i wouldn't have life any other way than knowing my God. y'know.. it really is us that have turned our backs on God, and everything i find that i do, whenever i don't do the things he has planned for me, i just find no purpose in it, no joy, no satisfaction, and you lapse into this rut of merely living.

nobody should need to live like this, without any sort of direction. i mean, most of us face the question soonder or later, as to what on earth are we here for? and what's the best answer we arrive at? i don't know.. is it to merely live life to the fullest, bless everyone around us and then leave a legacy? in the short time that we have here, just to do the best we can.

but what then? WHAT THEN? i don't believe, and i cannot believe that a person can sit back and just say "meh.. i'll just die and go back into the ground, into the cycle of life." or "well, i might be reincarnated.. and it won't really matter because i won't know the difference." or "well, if i end up in hell, how bad could it be?"

i cannot believe such statements, i suppose death isn't so bad if you just die and cease to exist, i mean, what's so scary about that? i mean, you won't even feel ANYTHING about your own demise. so.. that would be an argument that makes most sense, where karma or fate or consequence does not come back and nip you in the butt. but.. then you lose a reason for living, wouldn't you? you wouldn't value your life once things go wrong, i mean, suicide and death is just easily played out because your life means nothing.

but the fact is, that your life means something. if your loved one passed away, you would feel the loss, you can't just go.. "meh.. he/she was gonna go anyway, and he/she ceased to exist, no big deal. that's life."

so if your life means something, we can't just cease to exist. and that is another reason why i believe in God. because that just doesn't happen to us when we leave this physical plane.

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