Sunday, September 24, 2006

sow bravery, reap pain(t)balls
saturday 7:05am, the call to arms. actually i was late and shaun greeted me with a "where are you???" all i could do was mumble a weak apology and arrange for a pick up where we had to be in Baldivis by 8am. we made it with time to spare cuz our driver basically fanged it all the way down the freeway.

paintball is rather fun, painful but fun. frustrating but fun. tiring but fun. infuriating but fun. wearing a face mask that fogs up half the time, but fun. giving directions to your teammates but they're more interested in hunkering down than flanking an enemy position but fun.

you get the drift, i have the battle scars to prove it. i think i have some of the worst ones after a miscommunication. we were assaulting an enemy bunker and i was asking if it was clear to go to a new position, but when i heard "no! no!" for "go! go!" i was greeted by a flurry of little paint-balley death. smack on my shoulders and back. by some blind chance, taking the next tactical option falling to the ground with arms flailing screaming "i'm out! i'm out!" probably protected me from further damage to my nether regions.

but it was a great rush, getting into a prone position, sniping, flanking unsuspecting enemeies.. hell, i'd do it all over again.

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