Friday, September 29, 2006

how to be a better person
i guess there has to first be an inherent dissatisfaction in your life, that you think "things could be better." nothing wrong with that, in fact it's a good tool to strive, or rather not lapse into stagnancy. combating stagnancy and being contented are not polar opposites, in fact i think they go together. one has to first learn to be content, so that he/she does not chase after fleeting things, and well.. combatting stagnancy is a natural part of our lives when we see that the world is always changing around us. if one chooses to live within society, one has to change with it or be left behind, but if one chooses to live on the periphery of society, then well.. nothing that society dictates should affect this person very much. so where has God called you to be today?

i do wish i was a better person, i do wished i made less mistake. the funny thing about this world, is that we bear so much weight on our mistakes. we can't lie and say they don't matter, but we can't lie and hold an unecessary grudge against ourselves for a mistake. hevaen knows the times we remember someone for more bad than good, and that translates into our own lives so much more. we can forgive others, but can we forgive ourselves? you don't need to have done something bad to want forgiveness.. the need for forgiveness is probably something so inherent and deep within us, that sometimes we just don't see it.

and sometimes only one God sees it, and the gift has already been given. so why not accept it? *cue sentimental music* -)

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