Tuesday, September 5, 2006

it's time for a rant
i picked up the women's edition of the weekly murdoch student newsletter, metior because well, they're usually interesting articles about the usually cliched lefty liberal topics. and i like to be kept up to date and on my toes, i think someone might've called it responsible citizenship.

being a christian, i still tend to be a bit wary about state controlled christian activities.. well, not that there's been much in recent times, but the crusades were a bad idea, and somehow i don't see the 'morality police' as a good step in terms of social democracy.

well, invariably.. with any feminist viewpoint comes the debate of pro-choice vs. pro-life. or anti-choice vs. anti-life. or anti-choice vs. pro-life. or as the metior likes to put it, pro-choice vs. anti-life. already you can see the stance where this is headed. but i'll try not to be as biased..

i'll admit, they do give some good points in their argument for pro-choice abortions. it is rather morally high-handed currently, and practically.. is the system really in place to allow unwilling mothers-to-be bring a child into our world? issues of poverty, or drug addictions, incapacity to parent a child, if your parent was mentally disabled and was raped.. would you still have the child? ethical questions no doubt, and my mere human mind doesn't have all the answers. what would God do? i daren't say sometimes, and sometimes i do dare say.. but a retarded kid being raped by a sexual predetor? i think that's a surefire human short-falling and reflective of the fallen nature that befalls mankind (when we take on theologies theory of how our world operates. the problem with sin if you will.)

however, for all the good points that pro-choicers have made in this issue.. with the not being prepared for parenthood, the unwillingness, how abortion was never meant to be a contraceptive, abortionists are being demonised, women who recieve abortions are being demonised (all this is true though, we have had a rather high handed morality display).. sometimes, do we really think that as christians when we say "love the sinner and not the sin" is any sort of comfort at all?

however, i would like to offer the flipside to all this.

for an unwanted pregnancy, we would call it an accident then. it is an accident when contraception fails, when we forget to take contraception.. what have you. pregnancy is the result of fertilisation, which occurs during sex. fertilisation isn't as easy as ejaculating into a female, the woman has to be fertile at that point as well, and your sperm must survive its way to fertilise the egg.. maybe its the media that made it sound so easy.

but, the direct consequence of sex, if you stripped away the spiritual or emotional components, it is purely physical. reproduction? it feels good, because your hormones fire you up in that way, and possibly due to endorphin releasing orgasms.

so my point is this, for all the fun-loving, thrill seeking 'mistakes' that have happened, it really just boils down to the irresponsibility of wanting to 'feel the goodness of sex' when one is not ready in society to bring up a child. some people should not be allowed to procreate, as some animals dont because they are not in an ideal situation.

and so, for all the arguments that a pro-choicer can put across to the pro-lifer, the pro-choicer has to acknowledge that having an 'unwanted pregnancy' is a mistake for he/she/both to decide on this version of the abortion. it may not have been your first choice of contraception, but it sure is a convenient way out of the 'mistake' that you indirectly confessed to.

so is sex before marriage wrong? biblically yes (being christian, this is enough for me). but practically speaking, if you don't subscribe to the same moral values, then perhaps it is worth a thought that HAVING SEX BEFORE EITHER OF YOU ARE READY TO SUPPORT A FAMILY should be seen as wrong too. think of it as being a responsible human being. because we could debate on days on end of when a fetus is considered alive, and whether or not it is considered murder.. i just want to provide this alternate viewpoint, that being pro-life isn't just about a conservative christian morality issue. it would do everyone well, to not think of everybody as idiots.

in closing, it's been awhile since i had a rant, but it feels good to get it off my chest.

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