Friday, October 6, 2006

and we have reached the end of a crisis!
thirty thousand visitors! hurrah! hurrah indeed! i reckon this is like hitting thirty in real life, only that i'm six years premature.

six more years till i'm thirty! i wonder what that will be like.. what would i have accomplished by the time i hit that number? i suppose i would have graduated by then, but haha.. it's been a long time coming.

i'm just chomping on an apple now, typing shite before i head off to class, which is two and a half apples down. there've been a lack of updates because i've just been busy procrastinating to get all my work done, and also the student production i'm working on. but it hasn't all been in vain.. i've more or less compiled a list for this year's mix CD and also, entertaining thoughts of starting a new music project. the ghost has been kind of stagnant of late. but today i worked a few riffs that seem to be in the vein of alternative country.. we'll see how that progresses

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