Thursday, October 19, 2006

clout one's judgement
the da vinci code has sown its seeds among our human intellect. possibilities, theories and endless what-ifs. this world is not a black and white one, we have in our superiority over all things claimed the massive grey in between and would prefer to live in the encompassing subjectivity rather than bear responsibility for ever crossing a line.

am i too hardline in my approach?

i always thought good and evil should be absolute, that the nature of the universe are is empiricals, that we had our binaries and its opposites. that anything that does not stand of holiness is unholy, anything that is not of God surely is of something else. hell is not just a place, it is a seperation from all that is God. it's not just physical, mental or spiritual suffering. it is the emptiness of not being around God, the disenchantment, the rut, the staring off into the edge of space and nothing more. nothing more. and that scares the absolute crap out of me.

sure a part of me has doubted the authenticity of the bible. in fact it would make tremendous sense that the books were chosen by either human intellect or someone with a personal agenda. sure that over the years, meanings could be lost in translation. sure, it makes perfect logical sense.

but i refuse to believe that my God will be bound by the same linear laws that he effected in the first place. despite my human understanding of this word of god, when you believe the words that he says his words will endure forever, that nothing will be changed in his own word.. you'd better believe it. not in human systems, but in the Word Of God, and if he says that it doesn't change. then it hasn't.. despite what the critics tell us.

is it just a simple faith? if you can't believe the authenticity of the bible, can you believe the immaculate birth and the foundation of his cruxifiction for our salvation?

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