Tuesday, October 3, 2006

worse for wear
i have a proposal due friday, so i'm trying to get started today. unfortunately i'm the easily distracted type. i don't know why, i don't know how. i wished people would sympathise when i say it's hard. sharing is caring, and i wan't you to care. we might hit 30000 visitors by the end of this week. what a milestone! words coming out non-stop since 2003 and in the third quarter of the forth year, we hit thirty thousand passer-bys. maybe it will make me feel slightly better.

in other news, this anti-pornography movement seems to be an interesting cause in the right direction. i won't exactly agree with their "Jesus loves pornstars" tagline because taken the wrong way, it could become just another cultural shbang like Fonzie's "i fucked your girlfriend." however, it is a very powerful statement, and hopefully it does more good than harm. if we don't become apathetic to such a statement, it really is a powerful one. i've always wondered how we could try sharing the gospel to people to an industry in say porn, or drugs, or organised crime. i mean, christians tend to be so prim and proper that sometimes, even being associated with the people from such walks of life takes so much out of us. i for one can attest to how hard it is to being a good testimony.. because it really is hard on our pride. i don't think i could do anything if it wasn't for God's compassion for others, if he loves them, then so must i. it's a little mix of obedience and well, maybe being open to what God can put in our hearts. our pride and fear of the unknown are usually our first defence against doing anything radical for God.

well, i think this guy has a pretty unique ministry. i may not understand it all, but we pray no matter what. we pray no matter what, whether we understand or not.. because what else can we do? we can't know everything, but we can pray for everything as the spirit leads. we don't always have to be right, we just need to have the right attitude to let the spirit work and let God work in whatever situation.

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