Tuesday, October 17, 2006

true freedom means no fake guilt
we've always wanted to be free, but everybody imposes their own set of rules on us. naturally i think we're bound by rules, for example, as a natural order of things, humans can't fly on their own strength, or interstellar cosmic aparitions don't escape blackholes. so my theory goes that there is a true set of rules and a whole buncha other false ones. if you live by the true set of rules, you find freedom becauses realistically speaking, those rules aren't meant to make you feel bad for living by them.

i'm also listening to last year's mix cd, and i'm really glad that it's still good after all this time. i'm happy that this year's one will be so different from last years because i've included a whole set of other indulgences.. so look forward to it aight peeps?

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