Saturday, October 14, 2006

estimate is subject to any unseen damage
about a month back, i accidentally knocked someone's car from behind (this is not the one driving my friend's car from my misadventures with napkin man and beatmastermark). it was a red light and i was already braking but some mofo on my right was trying to say something to me. being the gullible idiot, i was kinda deciphering what he was saying and somehow my car just allowed itself to roll into the car in front of me. it was a jolt save the least.

we drove to the side of the road to exchange details and also when i looked at damage on her car, it was really just a nick and a slight dent. i immediately thought.. crap.. probably bumper replacement, but i didn't expect it to go as high as when they just sent me the letter today.


i'm abit flabbergasted that such a small amount of damage can result in so much cost. looking at the breakdown, labour cost almost $500 and her new parts cost almost $580. i suppose my own insurance company will pay off most of it (they start paying after an excess of $550), but it's still a pretty rough lesson. i used to think i was a safe driver, but perhaps you learn lessons this way. you can always be safer, no matter how safe you are in the first place.

i feel the pinch more because it has over-exceeded my budget not because of the expense. but yeah, i suppose at the end of the day its the amount of money i have to fork out as well.

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