Monday, October 9, 2006

seems i'm a rather moderate person. here.

Survey Complete.

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The Desirability of Control (DC) Scale identifies the extent to which people are motivated for control. People who score high on the scale are described as decisive, assertive, and active. They generally seek to influence others when such influence is advantageous. High DC people have high aspiration levels and select harder tasks than low DC people. High DC people are more likely to attribute success to their own efforts and abilities than low DC people, and attribute their failures to external sources. Your DC score is 100. This suggests your desire for control is moderate.

The Novelty Seeking Scale measures two dimensions; cognitive novelty seeking and sensory novelty seeking. Sensory novelty seeking refers to a person’s tendency to enjoy stimulating or risky activities. Your score is 12, suggesting that you are moderate on sensory novelty seeking.Cognitive novelty seeking refers to a person’s tendency to enjoy new experiences that stimulate thinking. Your score is 17, indicating that you are moderate on cognitive novelty seeking.

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