Tuesday, October 24, 2006

don't know love
saw a man eating alone today. he was the kinda guy that didn't look very fashionable, very plain, in his thirties, and well.. my first thought was that gee.. he's looks awfully alone or lonely, and my secondary thought was, gee, i hope i don't end up like that..

well, for that split second my fear of being alone in my thirties crept up again.

but this time instead of entertaining the thought or lies about self worth, what was brought to my attention by the holy spirit was that there was such an unecessary emphasis of a man's virility by the companion or companionship he has by his side.

i mean, think about it. usually our first conclusion about seeing a person doing 'community' actions alone, we tend to think that they are such lonely people. meals, movies, at a club, at a gig, having a coffee (but not doing anything else).

sure sometimes its true, but my argument is that usually it is our own self-righteousness that judges them that way.

if we are so bound by what the status quo tells us to be, then well.. thoughts of dying alone will forever plague us. but if we can accept that singlehood, or even alone time is exactly another part/phase of life, and that a person is no less than the company he/she keeps by his/her side, then i think we could learn a thing or two about our own perceptions of our self-worth.

am i sorry for this man? no more than i am sorry for myself.

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