Sunday, October 8, 2006

wishing upon wished stars

neat song and music video. plus its only a minute and a half, so you know you won't be wasting too much of your time. hehehe. but the reason why i like it is that its such a good deconstruction of music. so there, i'm sounding more intelligent than i really am, but hey.. you didn't know that did you?

friday night and i believe. i'll believe in all the things that skip a tune to the beat.

i've been listening to dark forrest by buddhistson a lot today, because i like the guitar riff so much.

when i got home at five today, i played guitar and bass till eight thirty and then i went out to burger king to get dinner. guess i really miss jamming with folk, i tried a few more riffs that i'd been working on, and man.. i'm just itching to go back and play with my friends. i also watched a tv show on agustus the guy who succeded julius ceasar. it was interesting, but not terrbly interesting.

and then i find myself staring at this blank screen, contemplating what to tell you but then i already did.

and oh, check out the latest production report in this production i'm involved in here.

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