Friday, October 6, 2006

when you realise all your cliches
i've read hi-fidelity and seen half the movie, and i guess its no real surprise i compare myself to the story's hero. with his record collecting and list making quirks, and how one by one he chased each girl from his past down so that he could have some sort of closure with them. i'm like that, with the list making, the rankings, the once in awhile indie snobbishness, and also probably more importantly, the whole thing about closure. i've had closure before, i know how good it feels like. i've had closure with girls i've liked before, and maybe i'm glad they have closure with me as well. it really wraps things up and just so you know the emotional hithers aren't so much in play as well. don't distance yourself from your emotions, rather, i think they should be interpretated with a fine finesse as well.

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