Wednesday, November 23, 2005

singapore's hand in drug trafficking
as alleged by the australian.

gee.. i don't know wot to believe anymore these days. i'm really not buying much of this anyway, in a way i find it hard to believe that any drug involvment actually goes all the way to the top of the singaporean government.

i'm reading this now, and its a lot of fingerpointing, very little actual evidence, alot of alleged evidence. what its drawn into highlight, is that singapore has plenty of trade buisness with burma, and it seems that arouses suspicion as to the type of buisness that goes on. well, today the US just agreed to help indonesia by helping fund their millitary. i don't know if this means anything, but its the same US backing that put ex-president surharto to power, and slaughtered many of his own to get there, as well as deregulating many of indonesia's trade laws to plunge it into poverty with corruption.

my point is, that sometimes aid has strings attached, sometimes it might be genuine aid, and maybe we don't see it till its too late.

a part of me wants to see that the australian media is once again playing out the drama, sensationalising all the elements and moving australians into some sort of nationalistic furor, another is concerned that this conspiracy goes all the way to the top. and in a way, it wouldn't be too hard for a government like singapore to silence many of its critics and evidence. the track records of both sides just stink, and why does it hurt so much just to take sides?

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