Friday, November 25, 2005

different days will tell you different things
the days have just been going by for me, haven't really had time to think about stuff or reflect. its a welcome change, usually i have too much time. having your mom and cousin here, means that you have to get used to being accountable for almost everything you do every single second of the day. i must say, i've quite lost touch with that, or maybe i never even possessed that patience in the first place. anyhow, that story goes is that i become this volatile mess whenever she asks me really simple questions about what's happening, or what's gonna happen, y'know.. harmless questions (in a nagging sorta way), and lets just say i don't loose my cool at my friends the same way i loose my cool at her. *sigh* but i've already let it all out in a few jogs on my own, cooled down and more level headed, accepted that there are some things a son i may not be now. its funny when your flaws are laid out to bare and you gotta decide what your course of action to be. anyhow, i hope to apologise to her today, because.. when i have kids of my own, i would still want to be appreciated by my kids. but isn't it funny that the ones closest to you have the higher chance of hurting you the most? that really shouldn't be the way should it?

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