Tuesday, November 29, 2005

open caterpillars that seem to melt
i'm back in it, i think i'm back in it. man.. i need to refurbish all my lost editing skills, for the moment i can't remember anything that i'm supposed to do. yeeesh, in a way i hate learning new stuff, its so time consuming. but then again, i won't have much to do this next week before i go back, so i might as well relearn wot i can. you think this is funny? it's not, it feels so dehabilitating. or however you spell that damn word.

i've sent out one resume, in the hopes that i will get an internship and learn something. it just seems like the right thing to do this holidays, alot of my friends are graduating and begining their careers whereas i'm just wading thru an ocean learning to swim, trying to remember the trade routes. is this wot its like to grow up? you don't exactly grow into it, rather it all suddenly swamps you and its either sink or swim?

i have a fair idea of how i'm going to do this semester, i'm probably going to be passing all my units. if i don't, then its bye bye university, but i don't think that will be the case. i've confirmed that i'm clearing two out of three units, one of them is probably just a pass, and the other, well.. we'll see how it goes. as for the third one, it all depends on whether my tutor likes work handed up late.

i really had a problem with deadlines this semester, handing up work late everywhere and my tutors all say the same thing that its sucha waste that i don't hand up stuff on time because i suppose, the work this idiot produces is actually of a certain worth. my problem with deadlines isn't as bad as last semester's and the year before. i suppose that if i do carry on next semester, its really through the grace of God, because i think i've been so disobedient in this regard that i'm not prioritising my university's workload. many more people deserve to be in my oppurtunity, and sometimes i just disregard the full extent of growing up.

in awhile, my video file would have been rendered and then i can begin burn burn burning. see you in the real world. or is this it?

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