Tuesday, November 15, 2005

it seethes and sometimes it boils over
i've been blogging for close to two years now, and probably been reading different blogs for earlier than that. usually i refrain from naming people who have treaded on my toes, much less talk about every single little thing that is wrong with my life or with society, or the world and the list goes on.

i come from a "do unto others wot you would want others do unto you" camp, where i believe that if i start flaming others, i should be responsible and mature enough to accept the flames of others, whether justified or otherwise. it's a personal moral system, you don't have to follow it, but for me, it just keeps one in check. you're put in a situation where you try to look the other way, try to look beyond it, and try to respect and be patient rather than just simply lashing out in wot normally is self-defence and retaliation.

blogs are public spaces, where freedom of speach is applauded, but with that also comes the encouragement to use it, not abuse it.

i suppose the reason why i am addressing this issue, is that after so long, i'm finally deciding to use the public space to air out my concerns for a change. i don't normally do this, because i choose not to. i get paranoid with becoming an empty vessel that makes a helluva racket. i think words can be important things, that they communicate many things and thru even a slight misunderstanding, spread pestilence amongst relationships like the plague itself.

having said that, after all that's be said and done, we want "less talk and more rock". walk the talk kitty kats, this is fundamentally one of grand flaws of organised religion, and why christianity gets lumped into camps such as hypocrisy. we speak against all sorts of 'moral filth', and yet we talk about 'loving people as Jesus did'. and then we judge, distance ourselves, become seperated by fencing ourselves in. if we really loved them, we would accept them as Jesus did regardless of the sin they are in, because we were all sinners as well. and believe it or not, we probably get a massive hard-on by being self-righteous sometimes.

but anyway, back to blogging. i don't know if there's a bad state of blogging these days. maybe there is, maybe there isn't. i tend to flucuate between the two. there is xiaxue.blogspot.com and there is xialanxue.blogspot.com. i suppose both are 'controvasial' in a writing style that empowers the writer that they 'take shit from no one, don't like my blog just f--- off'. and somehow, its the comment boxes from both camps that intrigues me the most. people are taking this blogging thing seriously. and when coupled with instant prejudices, a flame war erupts and everyone just loses respect for everyone else except themselves.

this feeds the ego, and continues to fragment community ties and mutual respect between human beings. if we do respect anyone, it's probably because we're politically correct and don't wanna be viewed as 'bad people'.

another reason why God looks at the heart and not the surface.

almost slowly and if not shurely, i hope that for you who reads this blog will pick out the subtleties of the Christian faith, that are in reality the most prolific revolutions back in the day as they are in the present now.

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