Saturday, November 26, 2005

crack down on the hip parade
the day is winding down and i'm allowed some time to myself. apologised to mom and she accepted it, and we just appreciated each other alot better after that. shure we're not perfect, shure we'd like to think that we're better than to squabble about inane things, but the truth is that we aren't better than any of that. no matter how redeamed we are, in our cursed earthly bodies our tongues are forever cursed with deadly poison.

that's the thing, even though we've been saved, we are not above our fallen nature. even though we walk in victory, the physical curse, is that we can lapse back into ruts. we are not above it, we should not look with despise and contempt on others and ourselves if ever we fall short because we are human, and without a supernatural helping hand we are doomed to failure.

the more we recognise that we are capable of falling, the more unsurprised we will be at the nature of the world. as christians, we won't have our heads in the clouds and not identify when someone tells us he's gotten his girlfriend pregnant because he didn't know better. because as much as i condone, and the bible condones premarital/extramarital sex, i am fully capable of doing the same thing. it's only by grace that we somehow don't.

in this regard, our faith can be awfully nihilistic and it suits me just fine. -)

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