Thursday, November 17, 2005

respect the dead because they don't respect themselves
i'm sitting out here in my living room typing away on this post listening to this year's compilation over my headphones. made a few changes to it, and i must, the changes just add more (because i added two more songs and took out one) to the whole experience. morgan and i are really planning for this year's giftings, because well.. we both believe that music is something that should be shared, especially amongst close family and friends.

i can't wait to go back to the leeson camp and bust out a few jams with them. may fled is doing pretty well at the moment as well.. every show, there always seems to be someone bopping abit to the music. 'specially if they seem to be from an older generation. i quite like that, it makes me feel like it something that only if you've been there before you'll gettit. our music here isn't terribly popular, but we just hope to put out the best tunes we can even if no one's looking. artistically, that's really important sometimes, because we won't always get acknowledged for wot we do. in fact, people tend to remember our mistakes more than our achievements, so in that regard, it's always important to still have principles and do your best even when no one's looking. man looks at the surface, but God looks at the heart.

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