Tuesday, November 22, 2005

lest we mourn for the dead
wow, i haven't really had the time to do a post in a few days.. just been busy showing my mom and cousin around. don't really know if i have much to update, i just confirmed my flight back to spore for the 5th of december. and everything after that seems like an open book. don't really know wot i wanna do this semester. well, i lie, i do have some plans, and i kind of do know wot i wanna spend my money on. first and formost, i'm gonna get my pedal board going, and then i'm gonna fix up my guitar. hopefully, that'll put me in a position to write more new tunes with thomas because i'm really looking to playing guitar in a new project band again. not that i'm hanging the bass up, just y'know, need more hobbies. hahaha.. gonna apply as a volunteer at musicforgood, and if anyone knows of any internships, maybe i'll give that a whirl. well, for those in spore, see you when i get there! haven't seen so many people in ages, its always good to be home -)

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