Monday, November 14, 2005

Looking Upon

Looking Upon

a fine snap by folkstar.

dad's gone home today and well.. my feelings are as such. -) really glad he came down just to pay a visit, and just show him how i've been living my life. he never really had oppurtunities like this, and for all that he's given up to raise up a family and given to his son's education i will be grateful the rest of my days.

not that we're a calculative bunch, but i think a close-knit family looks out for each other and scratches each others backs.

dad doesn't usually say much, and i think he tends to keep things to himself. not that i would want him to start being open all again or to be someone he's not, but i think perhaps we respect people for who they are, give'em room to be themselves and be generally accepting of all our good and shortcomings.

dad, i'll miss you as you go back to work tomorrow, it's been awhile since we last hung out like that and i'm glad we got the time to kick back and enjoy a few beers in between. thanks for the oppurtnities you've made for me, and i can only hope to do you proud some day -)

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