Friday, August 27, 2004

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i just woke up at eight twenty, walked to uni and returned some equipment. this mind's a total blank, but i figured, hey! might as well drop in a blog. i don't know wot to blog about.. life's been pretty good so far, i got some extra spending money thanks to someone. it isn't much, 50 bucks, but i'll try to make the most of it and spend it carefully. it was provided by God anyhow, really thankful. things seem to be slowing down a lil with filming taking a short break, i'm glad for that.. it seemed to be taking it's toll on me. but i thank God really for sustaining me thru it all. i mean, still gonna have intensity meeting today, practice on saturday and church on sunday. there's also been a few offers for me to join certain ministries. they're all cool, and i wanna do it all, but there's only one of me. it's so strange, because just a year ago, i prolly was unrecognised, and i was worried about why i should pick up a practical skill of film-making. even if it's just doing videos for church, it's still a good use of the talent (metaphorically) which God has given me. so i encourage you, to use your talents in the measure that God has given you. serve with a servant's heart and never think that wot you do dosen't matter. it matter's to God, and whether you get it right or wrong is not as important as whether you obey God and choose to glorify Him alone.

i want chinese tea at home. and i wonder how my folks are doing.. my prayer is that all of you my friends are doing well as well. lead your life to the fullest measure, not everything goes your way, but the world keeps spinning and day turns to night and back to day. so it's not resignation, but something to spur you on, each day we're drawing closer to the end. each day is one day less of knowing God on this earth and for bringing the community to Christ. each day is a second chance in that regard.

i did learn something from bible study yesterday. if you read Daniel 2, there whole interpretation of King Neb's dream of the gold head, silver body and arms, bronze torso and iron feet and iron mixed with clay. the prophecy which God gave to Daniel, was that it was a sign of kingdoms to come. gold for babylon, silver for the persians (they were big on silver), the bronze age of greece, then came iron for the romans, and mixed with clay because rome get's divided but is still strong. the only thing left is the big rock that will be the kingdom that never ends. so we're only waiting for the big rock, because God hasn't lied to Daniel, and it says right there in the Word. when a pastor says we're living in the end-times, i guess they mean it. stay sharp!

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