Saturday, August 14, 2004

she lies in ruin and chaos
is our world headed toward a better tomorrow and is it getting better? the liberation of rights and minority groups coming up, becoming a part of our everyday lives. i think that conservative thoughts are wots slowly becoming the minority.

it's interesting to see the reactions of the gay community regarding the resignation of the NJ governer and his public admission for being gay and having a consentual extra marital affair with another man. i think they claim that he quit because he was worried that he might get slammed for being gay, but i think its more so because he had an affair.

i don't think there's anything wrong with a gay man on the stands because the people voted him in, and he was instated there by merit (but i still think that homosexuality goes against the bible's standards - but it does not make christians homophobes.)

and that's where some of my concern lies. i think i come from a very liberal uni, and it fights for equity and justice for all races, cultures, sexes and sexualities. and y'see, right now if you're of "higher education", you should have opened your mind and accepted that there are homosexuals around, and that people are more bold and free with their sexuality including pre-marital sex or multiple partners. in fact, the common perception of anyone who thinks that these actions are morally wrong, is deemed fuddy duddy, close-minded and phobic.

and so, more and more, those with such moral standards will become marginalised as the reneissince spreads and more and more folk are enlightened by post-modern society. in essence, is obeying God more important than your outlook of the world? i got thinking yesterday when we were discussing:

i was kinda saying that, we're not a hundred percent all the time, and even when we dont feel like worshipping God, we should still, because He is God, and somewhat, it is our duty to worship him. but jimmy was just saying that it shouldnt be about duty, and it should come from our hearts. i mean, that's ideal, but i thought i was getting it correct in terms of attitude because i was in this paradigm where, God deserves all of us no matter wot our state. it's only when we talked abit deeper, and from the genuinity of jimmy's voice did i catch it when he said, "but when your relationship is so tangible, even when you're not feeling up to scratch, you're feeling lousy, but you're still close and you're just telling it like it is."

i dunno, i just felt as if challenged that i was trying to justify the times that i wasn't close to God. and yeahhh, so its kinda like, facing up to it.. knowing where you're lacking, duty or not, i think when you face up and examine how much of a relationship you have with God. i was just touched because jimmy was talking from a point of that close communion with God. me? it comes and goes mainly because i'm a straggler, a strayer, someone who dosen't have enough stamina to finish the good race. -) i'm kinda glad i'm not perfect though.

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