Saturday, August 28, 2004

stack'em high, crumble beneath your feet
wotever you build up, can be destroyed. you can't spend your whole life protecting something that dosen't last forever. and if something lasted forever, why would you need to protect it in the first place?

did i mention i love driving to pearl jam's binaural? i'm really thankful i get to drive over here, really blessed.

reminding myself the moniker i used to hold as litford. i still wonder if it would be a good label to go under, like.. combining my creative work under that umbrella. if i had any creative work to begin with. hahaha, i amuse myself sometimes. sometimes i want to have my own installations, sometimes i wanna make music like joe henry, sometimes i wanna write a novette and just sometimes i'd like to hold someone's hand and have it mean something.

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