Thursday, August 5, 2004

it happens when you didnt know it would happen
i've always wanted to bring this up, when i take a shower in the mornings, its like walking in the clouds when you see a mist form in the bathroom. such a surreal feeling, kinda makes you wonder the wonders if physics, hot and cold. such extremes, such magic. hey, its just mist.

so yeah, its funny how God has a reason for somethings.. like i didnt exactly know if i wanted to turn up for prayer meet tonight, but then i thought, hey man.. better go, might as well go.. so i kinda prepped myself last minute for it. i know it sounds shallow, but seriously speaking, you are in a better position to hear wot God says when you're somewhat ready and prepared, like you've 'consecrated' yourself somewhat.

i guess it sounds like, you mean i have to be somewhat holy and stuff before God will talk to me? it helps, it connects you to the Holy Spirit and even from teh superficial, feel good feeling, it just makes it conducive in that sense. anyhow, if you read Galations, it does talk about alligning your spirit to His Spirit, and how the actions of filth are still detestable and we shouldnt make use of our freedom to keep sinning.

so yeah, out of the blue during prayer meet, i was asked to fill in for a bass player, and it was cool. if i had decided not to go, i may not have gotten this chance. and that other bass player would have been in an unfavourable position somewhat. i dunno, im just encouraged that there's a reason for all of us. and never feel too guilty to come to the Lord, in fact if guilt is keeping you from coming back to the church, that's a lie. we all are guilty, we have all sinned and fallen short the glory of God. that is why we cannot save ourselves, and why our salvation makes so much sense. that we were justified by grace. that if we lived under the law, we would fail ultimately. sin festers in the law because no man can keep it. that is why, the blameless faultless lamb who was without sin was the perfect sacrfice, and in his death and ressurection, ultimately lies our inheritence.

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