Tuesday, August 24, 2004

the end is nigh
a quote from the movie hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and once again in 28 days later. just thought it was something to get the cogs turning. wot do the last days mean in a realm outside time? time's the fouth dimension.. is there something that lies outside time? a worm-hole, an alternate reality? a hyperspace reality? well, these are things we can't know, or even begin to touch. theory theory and more theory. speculation and spining tales. i've told wild tales. does God exist also in the hyperreal? perhaps, but he's here too. a drop in infinity we are, can a drop exist in infinity even? would the never ending, make one point even be worth something of value. perhpas that's the difference between the analog and the digital. but then this one guy mentioned to me before the extra binaries even in the so-called contained digital. the excess, the ghost in the machine. AI developing souls? wot makes us alive and can we define it ourselves? oh how we need a superior authority.. questions anyone?

and so, do we exist in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual? the aspects of the human being, that sets us apart from animals? God breathed? yeah, i think so, i may not know much, but i think we can know God because God first knew us. and it's a journey we all still take.

sometimes, i think academics talk round and round in circles, because if there really was an objective truth, they would go out of buisness. because there wouldn't be anything left to debate, and academia would have lost it's foothold as the "elite" authority on higher-education. even people in the "lower" echelons of society would be able to find out this so-called secret to life. so it's a self preservation of sorts for social order huh?

well, i just got back my second batch of prints for the holga, and i couldnt get any out because the film was "fogged", wotever that means. that is sucks, it means i don't have any pretty pictures in my room. well, more pretty pictures. i wonder how my room's gonna end up lookin' like.

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