Wednesday, August 18, 2004

soup ramen and bok choy
i've been lost, because i don't exist anymore in the online. it's cool, not being online 24/7. i think ever since i started going online in 1997, it's taken its toll on me somewhat because i actually got sick of it. like i didn't make use of the internet properly, and basically i didn't balance my virtual and online lives very well. moving into a more lo-tech environment has allowed me more time to find myself hopefully. in His grace.

so there i was, 3am in the morning outside the media arts centre. we had just finished a rough edit in the suites, and it was a glorious sight to behold. mist everywhere, surrounding the street lamps and the sillouettes of eerie trees. you couldn't really hear a thing, except for the chatter of your own voices. i don't know if we'll ever experience that again, we probably will if our lives are filled with nothing but editing, editing and even more editing. i like editing, it gives you power over the moving images. but that power is given to the computer when it decides to muck up on you. so which end of the stick are you on?

my stereo rocks, driving rocks, i want a bass rig and a clean hard-drive.

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