Monday, August 16, 2004

i've forgotten your face, the breath next to my ear
it buzzes inside my head, searching for something, anything for rest, germinate and spawn. eating something which isn't there, and it hurts. the creature stings a numbling cold incision past my brain and i feel sickly fluid leak for a brief instant. i thought i felt it rush out of my ear, but i think it was just my imagination. i could lean to my side, so i did, and started staring at the legs of my table. i could make out the creaking of chairs in my topsy turvy world.. she pulled the old oak seat past the table. she didn't see me, and i couldn't set the dinner table for her. and as i watch, the pillars of light begin to crumble around her perfect face,

i happened to meet this japanese dude nori-san, whose english was really good. anyhows, elle bumped into him before we went for groccery shopping. nori actually needs a wheelchair to get around, and i was actually suprised that my small 'lil car, blinky, was able to be of help. anyhow, i've always wanted to talk to nori cuz he dressed well, and he actually managed to catch radiohead in tokyo when they played the just rock festival. gahhhhh! cool dude, mebbe i can brush my japanese up with him, hehehehe.

and blinky's stereo arrives today. we're gonna install it tomorrow!! woot! no more inane and musicless drives.

in other news, i saw a poster of gogo from kill-bill.. but it was quite expensive. though it was mounted.. but yeahh.. doubt i could afford such luxuries for now. for now.

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