Friday, August 6, 2004

winter chills
at this time of the night, the cold starts to nip at your toes. the night air then begins to display its wide array of teeth, nibbling softly at first, tearing away at your pink succulent flesh. its head pulls away, fangs sinking in as it slowly rips the blood soaked epidermis off the bone. chase it away, chase it away, chase it away with life-giving, life re-birthing heat.

your senses flood back, and you answer with a heated shower.

quite an insane day, been out most of it. i sent my housemate peivn to uni, then we had to grab finger food for agape's intensity meeting tomorrow night. later after that, i managed to fix myself a snappy lunch of a sandwich, crackers and hastily bought brie cheese. off to uni to meet mitty and the rest of her production team for her advanced screen project.

i guess the highlight for me was finally meeting kiat who is an amazing cinematographer. he showed me a piece of his work, which concept wise was avant, it's so exciting to actually see something at this level of intimacy. to have the artist right there, explaining certain details to you, certain reservations, and basically being open enough to discuss the messages and interpretations derived from the viewing experience. i dont think i could fully describe that piece of work, but it was truely engaging and open-ended, with stunning, greyish microscopic visuals to the soundtrack of strange random but calculated electronic beeps and ding dangs.

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