Tuesday, August 10, 2004

ndp! it's finally over!
these immortal words were given to me yesterday by my ex-camp friend eugene. so refreshing to hear something different from the usual "happy national day!" from sporeans here or those back home alike. i barely remembered that it was national day, and it never really meant much to me.

perhaps im one of those people who just take life as it is, and because i never experienced that hardship of independence, it just isn't close to my heart i guess. i'm thankful for it (somewhat), but i couldnt be ungenuine and put myself in those shoes. as in, i will never truely experience or make it my own unique experience, not unless it happens to me.

this afternoon, i happened to watch wot i think is a masterpiece. jack arnold's tarantula 1955 was a great effort for its time, and it deals with some really cool issues that are being discussed now. i mean, mainly ethics of research and development, and i guess ultimately playing god and taking things out of the 'natural'. some of it was in your face, some of it was subtle. also, one scene served to anchor my outlook on film as being false. false in the sense that, they amplify certain sounds and have certain emotive soundtracks. this deals some sort of influence on the way you percieve things. in real life, everything is heard, and you can't selectively choose wot you want to happen (or sound off) around you. and you don't have music playing. so wot this means is that films are SCRIPTED in a certain way, to make you feel a certain way (conventional films at least). so don't get on my case when i'm not too hot about films somewhat, being life-changing and all that. i've stated some of my reasons. the other 99% is locked up somewhere in the recesses of my mind which i have yet to sort out and will probably never sort out even right before i die.

in other news, brian is still alive, and probably well. -)

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