Sunday, August 22, 2004

i've been around long enough
did you know? yeah, i just hate it. especially when i think of something, but i don't blog it, and then i come online in the evening and i forget wot it was in the first place. how do i live with myself?

well, been busy the whole week, it's good.. just check back here once in awhile. sorry if you expected this place to be more updated, or something hooky. lets just say you can't blog while tired, it shows that you don't exactly wanna do it. but you still do it anyhow. it's like, i havent been connecting with the internet realm for the past six days.

must keep eyes open.. but for wot? close'em when they tire out.. because the world stops spinning. is the world spinng out of control? i think it is sometimes. pray!

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