Saturday, August 7, 2004

massive grey and tall smoke all piling together to compress into sub-combustion

there's metal and there's metal. wot did i do today? no, i don't want this to be one of those inane dear journal things. it's not funny, stop laughing. no really, stop laughing. today i had band practice after almost two weeks. i didn't drive to rockingham but paul did, and whilst on our way there, admist the neverending roads of vast blue sky and flat horizons, i did wonder where i was going with all this. did i really believe in our music?

i'm just thankful i gotta band to play with. we looked at footage from our first gig from becca's birthday party, and it was inspiring to actually view yourself. like, i may like playing the stuff, but do i like listening and watching ourselves as a band. and i must say that the effect is good, i did kinda like it. we're raw, brash, uncontrollable and i think the more we get into it, the more we don't bother and become less inhibited as a collective. i mean, even if we suck, to ourselves we're our greatest rockstars, and its something that people can't get. two million people may not be wrong, but four idiots could be right as well. and we're just gonna keep doing it, as long as it releases something in us, something pure and unbridled. tap into that energy and release it, communicate and fine-tune that craft.

but it was a good jam, we had some interesting improvs and i guess just hanging out together and talking shite just bonds musicians on a personal level. something i treasure being in a band. its not just the music, its the life somewhat. and im glad i wasn't just a band member in my dark star. anyhoos, alysium is officially going thru a name change. paul suggested mayfled, becca suggested a night in july, mine's still dreamlights and scott, well.. scott's the drummer. hahahahahaha, sick dumbarsed drummer jokes.

and oh so sweet, scott proposed to his girlfriend while on vacation in brisbane! the sly bastard!

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