Wednesday, August 25, 2004

universe city
hmmmm.. i amuse myself sometimes. but maybe that's wot it means, learning about the universe and all its intricate mysteries. nahhh.. that would be pushing it. we all know that universities don't reveal the great mystery in the skies because when objective truth resides on this earth, there's no need to keep discussing. which is wot universe cities do best.

i had the rudest shock with my mobile phone bill. it's not funny that's why im not laughing. 176AUD. and it destroyed my plans of paying for electricity and rent and still being able to live comfortably for the next week. i've been spending so much on mobile expenses lately.. i'm starting to wonder if i really need to do all that. i am so not endowed with a thrifty heart. just ask napkin man when we went to melbourne together. napkin man, save me! rescue me from the jaws of unthinkable spending!! i should eat home more.

we're going cliff jumping tomorrow, that should be interesting enough. i think i need to amuse myself more with sketches and music. i have yet to clear out my laptop of music and videos. all i want left on it are: dvd player, browsers, officeworks, anti-virus, music production, graphic manipulation and if i can push it, moving pictures. its time to stay focused. very focused. but.. i am generally unfocused. you could call me a blur sometimes.

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