Friday, July 1, 2005

i don't know why my bin so suay
well, something incredibly retarded has happened to me today. was at garden city, and about to drive back with daryl when i stepped on my clutch and there was this snapping sound. immediately my foot followed thru all the way and the portion beneath my foot just fell thru. this wasn't good, and the alarm bells started ringing.

basically, my car snapped its clutch belt. i'm told it isn't serious, but that means i can't drive my car. daymn suay, also don't know wot to say these days. firstly im super low on funds with all the paying i did recently, and now this. good thing i'm still covered by roadside assistence.

i did get a tow from the shopping centre all the way back home, and that was pretty cool, seeing my car hoisted onto this medium sized trailer. it looked really neat, and i got to sit in the truck as well. very roomy and spacious. felt like the centre of attention.. hahaha -)

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