Saturday, July 16, 2005

modus operandi
dreams don't exist anymore. your house, your car, your family, your posessions, your status, your acclaims and your mistakes. dreams don't exist anymore, the startling reality is that we escape into them, that they will not make your existence justified, and will not validate your existence. that once you achieve it all, what next? and if you live in the safety of those dreams, is there something that still haunts you deep within your spirit, there where does it all go from here, wot next? wot if i wake up tomorrow?

live out your dreams, live out the utter banality of your ego that validates your worthless existence, and be very afraid that we are all alone in this forsaken world.

and then, you might just see a glimmer of God. in the most unforseen places, because with our natural eyes he does not reveal himself to. live long enough to find him, and for him to find you.

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