Saturday, July 30, 2005

it gets chilly in the wintertime
well, i suppose that is pretty obvious. but it gets so numbing so often. perhaps i should get out more. hurmmm.. that is a pretty good idea somewhat, perhaps i shall later on. enough mulling on my lazy arse for the time being.

anyhows, i was just watching two music videos by lindsay lohan and hillary duff and immediately thought of madonna. now there's a woman who has really attained some sort of standard in the industry, and really made an impact in it. i doubt these young'uns will have the longevity and re-inventiveness of madonna herself, so should they be prepared for fade outs in a few years time? you may not like her music, but you shure have to respect her method of performing music.

and i gotta get something out of my way for now. i've been contemplating this for a bit of time, because as you know, we at harmless?bananas! like to self-censor. to be a responsible writer, and not jump on every public circus event just to add in your two cents worth, and that's all it's really worth, two cents.

reading blogs has been disheartening to me of late. few people have the wit of yongfook, the intelligence of popagandhi and still.. everyone's trying to write in such a way that impresses. i dunno, mebbe it's just me judging to harshly or a little bit jealous. who cares? anyhow, i shure am thankful for the readership here, blogging's not just about me typing yibberish out for you to read. i'd like to think its just a public broadcast system where i have the means to expound abit on certain ideas, and with a comments system, you're always welcomed to interact with the authour and any other readers.

so yes, it gets disheartening, reading about people bitching about people (which can be argued that i am doing now.. oh how self-righteous and moralistic i'm getting now.. can almost see the glint in the eyes of murderous intent), or the if you don't like wot you're reading than fuck off!!! sorta bull-crap. thank you very much, i will. ah well.. it's just silly things going thru my mind, simply because.. alotta people seem to be making such a big hoo-ha about blog, and blog celebreties, that it makes no sense. for those of us who have been typing faithfully before the big ka-boom, our natural reaction would be something like "huh? wot the..? oh well, it's always been around i suppose.. back to real life."

so yes, blog celebrities is a pretty new phenomena. i have refrained from speaking about it till now, but i suppose one can't deny the waves it's making.

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