Sunday, July 10, 2005

the strangest groove through a looking glass
i am pretty much starved right now. i don't know why, its like lunch had almost no effect on me today, good as it may be. (beer + seafood combo). so, i havent exactly written about wot i've been doing in spore of late. well, just pumping up with the local delicacies, meeting up with friends, hit the clubs, jammed a bit, playing DotA, hanging with the family as well. all the things that i guess i do around here.

will be starting some part time work on monday, so i'm quite glad with those, feel less guilty bumming now.

also got myself the new jamiroquai album as well, pretty much grooving to that now. makes me wanna be a better bass player. and a better song arranger. the more i immerse myself in this medium, the more it seems to inspire me.

and so, there it goes, whenever im here, there seems to be closure, the familiar air of wot life could be. but then again, i am already missing the excitement of walking the untrodden path in perth, something which i feel is lacking in spore. down here, i just need something new and exciting.

we'll work it out.

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