Saturday, July 23, 2005

play the rhythmn, have it dance for you, for your pleasure
because all i have to offer are words, they're all i have left. take them away, and i guess you're left with nothing. because all we ever shared were words, mere words that i could say to you. and if that didn't mean anything, then i'm sorry for not having been there for you.

you know, i don't really felt that were about anything in particular, but i just felt like articulating something. create a mood, create some tension. rock the freakin' boat. because if you're stuck out there in the ocean all by yourself, you'd drift nowhere in particular if you're headed without anyplace in sight.

life's full of cliches, life's too complicated, life is full of things that shouldn't need to require so much of our attention, life's also full of responsibilities we have to fulfil. and somehow, i'm still stuck here caught in the middle of it, just as everyone and everything whizzes by me in lines of bluriness.

and then we go make a short video of it all.

somehow, i feel that slowly, and more afraidly, i'm losing my voice in this madness consuming world. that the only way to be heard is to be madder than it. but madness appeals to me more, than rigid sanity. we'll see things they'll never see. appeal, well, living your life for appeal doesn't really justify much too. but for some of us, perhaps its the only way we know how to stay alive. and then, the reason to stay alive is another story altogether.

we'll tell you stories. because words are all i have left.

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