Thursday, July 14, 2005

for the certain curtains
a man needs a certain kind of strength to face our world. his eyes see things he shouldn't, and his hands do things he musn't. still he does, and his strength leaves him. the more thought we give it, the more it saps us till there isn't any left, and we are left defeated and spent.

in the midst of the national kidney foundation scandal, where it's CEO is accused of using donations for his own personal expenditure, a thought just burst its way into my mind.

i guess the actions of the CEO could reflect the condition of our human heart. would any of us have done the same? would any of us, have actually absconded with the money ourselves, and try to hide the fact that we used public donations for our comfort? quite contrary, it is because of our moralistic nature that we condemn such a man for such a heinous act. such an unspeakable act, but the thing is that, he reflects our desires as well, and we are just as guilty of it as him, or can be as guilty as him. and we cower behind the safety of our moralistic selves, because we are unable to face the condition of our human heart, that our flesh is weak and our spirits are in a desperate need for salvation.

are we any better?

dear Lord, you really need to rescue this world from the madness that we have created to surround ourselves, because we are afraid of your holiness and have created walls around ourselves, pretending to be good.

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