Wednesday, July 6, 2005

fantastic wells of joy in the sky
our society doesn't particularly place good morals in high esteem, favouring success and its by-products more so. your family perhaps has a higher chance of seeing you, and appreciating you as a good person more than a successful high-flyer. but i suppose in the cooporate world, with the dog eat dog mentality, its harder to stand your ground.

of course we're being really flat out here, i've been told of bosses who still conduct morning prayer meetings, and christians who are uncompromising on their faith despite the pressures not to, who honour God before all else, and God rewards them for it.

i suppose the key is honouring God and not just being a christian. then your actions stem from a worship unto God, and not just seen as some mindless action your church has brainwashed you with.

was thinking of taking the easy way out by thinking of working for non-profit organisations. easy way out in the sense that, we are offering some sort of "morally upright" service. i'm defintely not saying that NGOs are an easy way out, just that perhaps relative to me, it might be. because i don't wanna be dis-enfranchised and so i take the more moral of the routes. i don't wanna constantly stand up for my beliefs , so i take that route.

but if i did take that route, i'd have to rely on God so much more perhaps, and to God be more glory perhaps. Hallelujiah. haha, thanks to a sister who always talks the flipside to you *grin*

of course, if say, i could use my talents in an NGO, it could also bring God glory, no questions asked. i guess he will use any of use in any situation so long as we rely on him. there's no hard and fast route to leading a morally satisfying life, and even leading a morally satisfying isn't the answer.

was just talking to my mom yesterday, and praise God for the revelations given to both of us over the course of life. transient life, rewards neither the morally upright or scum. this life is about the war between salvation and condemnation. for great justice.

if God is a god of love, why does he condemn those that don't believe in him? because he is also a God of justice, and in his infinte justice, he has to condemn those that don't believe in him, just because it is his nature. but the love has extended his offer of salvation, ever since man fell, the salvation has already been in the works, he already offered a way back to him. God has to have infinite justice, so that he will not be swayed by the corrupt persuassions of man, so that righteousness can only come thru him alone and not by our good works. and that is why he is God and we are men.

"I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

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