Thursday, July 28, 2005

disaster awaits both you and i
i've been reading the book of job these past few days, and i don't really understand everything in it. basically, job's friends always seem to say things that make sense, about how great God is and how we are good that we will be blessed and that if we are doing bad things, we will be punished.

if anything, job's friend always insinuate that job has done something horrible and deserves to be punished. job maintains his innocence, and goes as far to say that he has been wronged by God. and though he accepts that he is but a mere mortal subject to God's every whim and fancy, he questions to no end, why he is being treated unjustly.

to somewhat, complain unto God, and perhaps give in to all our emotions and ask God why he is unjust to us, and that he should give you an answer for your trials. wow, that's a pretty bold step to take. was having difficulty understanding the reading.

my mom calls me up, and we talk a little about it. i talk about how i'm reading job and i seem to be missing the point. wot she points out, really turns my head. i guess, as opposed to job's three friends, job was the one being honest about his feelings, even in utter despairity. if you're in the shite, then tell God you're in the shite. don't go painting pretty pictures about how great and almighty God is, and if he so wills this in your life, then you will submit to him and all that. there's a time and place for everything as we learn in ecclesiastes, and when its time for mourning and hurting, really tell God how you feel, how unfairly treated you've been, and wrestle with him for an answer. in some sense, how desperate are you to wait on the Lord to give you an answer. that you don't just lapse back into the way you think God works, wants to work, wot he wants to listen to. in essence, don't talk to God, the way you imagine him to be. let him reveal his true nature to you, and act accordingly. in this regard, it really pushes you to strive to find out the character of God and know him in your heart.

in the end, we remember that God never struck job, and jobremained faithful always. ecclesiastes 7:20 reminds us : there is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins. so we remember that we cannot kiss the feet of our Lord to buy our way into heaven, we trust in his promise of salvation by believing that Jesus died for our sins.

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