Tuesday, July 26, 2005

the next step in human evolution
sometimes the sheer blank spaces of things scare you. there you are faced with the insumountable task of filling up something that is empty, with an essence of yourself. it is new ground, unchartered territory, would you blame us for feeling afraid? wot's more, once a blank space has been filled up, it starts being vulnerable, drawing all sorts of judgements and criticisms upon itself. and so, sometimes we guard against these feelings by putting up walls to protect our essence. we steer the audience the wrong way, tell them wot they want to hear, so that they will not judge you for who you are. but in creating those walls, to protect yourself, you have actually created a prison for your essence. perhaps the most honest work, are the ones that recieve the harshest and most numerous of criticisms, as well as accolades.

you see, art has no real meaning if it doesn't elicit some sort of a response from whover communicates with it.

and if you agree or disagree, then my statement would have achieved its purpose. exploring new ground is scary, but it can also be exciting, lest we venture into the unknown, into paths less travelled. fear grips us so tightly like a paralysing drug, but it also has no real hold over the redeemed.

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