Tuesday, July 19, 2005

sing the reprise of respite
love love love, such a beautiful thing. not for you and not for me. somehow don't lie for all its worth and stood up for. this gracious fragile gift, of love on high to you and me.

working in the yard has been pretty rewarding thus far. i'm colleagues with a dear friend of mine, thomas, and while we work in different departments, having someone for lunch to just hang out, and leave work together, these are the simple gifts that shine in our complicated lives. i'm having a pretty good time, just being around different people from all walks of life, and while it's my middle-class syndrome that sees a certain "romanticism" in the common people, the other truth of the matter is that, all of us are loved by God, and he died for us all, rich or poor, weak or strong, intelligent or dull, he died for us all. so long as we are humble enough to know we need redemption, and not be from some elite society that has risen above the grace of God, or rather, attempt to rise above the grace of God. our tower of Babel is erected pretty high these days, but God chooses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.

i wanna live like common people
i wanna do wotever common people do
wanna sleep with common people
wanna sleep with, common people
like you
and wot else could i do?

- common people, pulp

and thus, i can finally rest my eyes in peace. -)

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