Saturday, November 18, 2006

brian's dark side
i love sniggering to myself when yuppie-wannabes think that the image quality of a camera is dependent on the mega-pixel count. no you dolts, all the mega-pixel count does is that it increases the resolution of what you can work with in post-production, and how big you can blow an image up before it starts to distort. 3.2 mega-pixels is enough to blow a print up to A4 size. While having a higher mega-pixel count is of course good, and more is still more, as a consumer, you need to ask yourself, do you need that much resolution if you don't do much image manipulation or blow-up pictures?

if you're looking for a consumer camera, its the sensor and the lens that make up the beauty of the image. and chances are, in a consumer camera, both are just pretty bad. but at least you know what you should be looking for in the first place for good pictures. but then again, yuppie-wannabes just want the prettiest looking camera they can find. am i right or am i right? *evil cackle*

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