Monday, November 13, 2006

the chunk is not in the steak
don't you just hate buying chunky steak pies, but there aren't any chunks in there and just chewy bits of some synthetic rubber tyre? anyway, the purpose of this post isn't to talk about the sad state of australian frozen food. it's about


i scour the ends of youtube for great song and dance so that you don't have to! i've been on a bit of bjork fever lately, but i absolutely love the massive attack video that's coming up. hypnotic bassline and sub-par video quality work but maximised to make an interesting video than the rest of the polished shite floating around MTV.

this is bjork performing big time sensuality with talvin singh on tablas and guy sigsworth on a pipe organ. if you've heard the original, this will blow your fragile little mind.

finally, this is an awesome live version of bjork's pagan poetry. it's rather long, but it seduces you into her performance, which all i can say is nothing short of mindblowing.

so instead of stills, i offer you moving pictures on my blog!

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